Blogging from A to Z: A is for Aria

aWelcome to day 1 of the Blogging from A to Z challenge!  I’m excited to be part of this project for the first time.

As I planned my posts for the month, I realized that I spent so much time studying the Opèra Garnier, Paris, London, and New Orleans (which built an opera house before it built a sewer system) that I learned quite a bit about opera itself in the process.  So, it seemed natural that my first post should be about that musical form.

An aria is a melodic piece, in which notes are sung in a sustained fashion.  Another type of song is recitative, in which the pace is more like the spoken word.  Arias are written for all ranges of voice, from dramatic soprano to basso profundo.

Today, I would like to share two of my favorite arias with you.  Please enjoy Dame Kiri te Kanawa’s performance of “Un Bel Di,” from Puccini’s Madama Butterfly, and Mario Lanza’s “La Donna e Mobile,” from Verdi’s Rigoletto.




10 thoughts on “Blogging from A to Z: A is for Aria

  1. What a wonderful way to spend Sunday, listening to your arias as I sort through posts on the computer and at last knowing what an aria is. I look forward to more musical interludes.


      1. You’re so welcome! I like what I am reading, for one. Also, the A to Z challenge is also meant for writers/bloggers to come together. so this is my idea of connecting with others. 🙂


      2. I am seeing so many interesting ideas, and meeting such nice people. I had never heard of the challenge before this year, so I had to hurry up and plan (that is why you are seeing mostly facts from my fiction). I have next year’s challenge planned already.

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      3. You actually have a unique theme, as far as my experience with A to Z goes. I am trying so hard to finish it this time. I’m not so good with challenges like this because I tend to write long stuff and do research at times. The actual problem is my resources. Oh, but I’ll talk about that in my reflections post once we’re done with the challenge. As for planning the theme, I did that, and I actually kept changing up to the last minute, ha ha ha!!! Turns out I am not going to regret it.


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