State of the Author: Grateful

smartmockups_kheyk71gJust had the most heart-warming message on my Facebook author page from someone who is pretty legendary in PDX music circles. He wrote to tell me how much he enjoyed the “trip down memory lane” that he got from Music, Mayhem, and Bad Decisions.

Every time I feel like giving up as an author, something like this happens … without fail. It helped immeasurably.

State of the Author: Honest With Myself

Today, I have admitted defeat where Pompeii Fire is concerned. After three years, I have 35K words. Clearly the story is not working the way I wanted. I’m moving it to the proverbial parking lot and trying something else entirely.

I have the beginning inklings of a story for Bronwen, one of the side characters in Rose in Bloom, and already have 2.5K words after just a couple of days’ writing.

It’s time to stop banging my head against the wall of one story and let others come out.

State of the Author: Back at Home

Hi, everyone. I’m back from my mom’s place. She’s recovering well after her surgery, and I felt comfortable with leaving her in the hands of good friends who are checking in on her, bringing food, etc. I had a great visit with the friend who drove me to the airport, and I’m now pretty much caught up on day job things.

I’m off all next week, with MD, DMV, and hairdresser appointments arranged in the early part of the week. I’m looking forward to a quiet, peaceful Thanksgiving holiday.