Rest in Power, Jeff Beck …

If you read my memoir, Music, Mayhem, and Bad Decisions, or followed the By Special Request series on this blog, you know that I have had the singular pleasure of seeing Jeff Beck perform. He passed away yesterday, at age 78, after a sudden bout with bacterial meningitis.

Here’s one of my favorite performances, in which Jeff Beck and Imelda May pay tribute to recording pioneer Les Paul.

Bonus Track: “Ooh La La”

Well, friends, this is it: the last post in my By Special Request series. I saw Ron Wood at San Francisco’s Fillmore Theatre. He was touring with Bo Diddley whom, oddly enough, I did not get to see. I was staying overnight with a friend and had to catch the last bus to her place … which ran, as it turned out, before Bo ever left the dressing room. This footage is from that tour, but not the show I attended.

Thanks for sticking with me over this 152-day journey. Enjoy!

Bonus Track: “Youth of America”

Hi, everyone. Can you believe it? We’re nearly at the end of my By Special Request project. I’ll wrap it up this week.

Today’s group is The Wipers. Legendary punk musician Greg Sage, the lead vocalist, is the person who taught me how to effectively run a sound board back in the day (as noted in Music, Mayhem, and Bad Decisions). Drummer Sam Henry passed away in February, and his memorial service was incredibly well-attended.

Believe it or not, I found footage from a small club show I attended. Enjoy!