Music Monday: “Secret Agent Man” and “Watching the Detectives”

Hi, everyone. This weekend, I was elected Vice President of Coastal Cruisers, a brand-new chapter of Sisters in Crime. It seemed only appropriate that I share these two songs in honor of the occasion.


New Cover for “Some Brief Advice for Indie Authors”

Brief Advice - NEW

Hi, everyone. I’ve been so pleased with how the cover for Flowers of Europe turned out that I’ve decided to re-design the covers for some older works. Here’s the new look for Some Brief Advice for Indie Authors. As always, this book is available via your favorite eBook seller. I’ll be sharing new covers for other titles over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

Sample Saturday: “Flowers of Europe,” with Cover Reveal

Flowers of Europe

Hi, everyone. I’m now working on final edits for the next Pocketful of Stories. The sixth title is “Flowers of Europe,” which features a delightful rake and inventor named Thaddeus Flowers. In this steampunk adventure, Thad’s chasing after fame … and romance. You’re getting the first look at the cover today!

Here’s a snippet to whet your appetite.


Thaddeus Flowers awoke in a bed not his own, head pounding. He’d definitely taken too much ale at the White Horse last night, and was not entirely sure where he was. The pub was in the Seven Dials, but he might be anywhere from there to Chelsea.

Raking his fingers through his dark hair, Thad sat up slowly. The dull light filtering in through the curtains showed a respectable enough room; his clothes were draped across a chair … on top of what looked like a petticoat.

Oh, dear god.

Thad looked at the sleeping figure next to him. The young woman’s auburn hair was spread across the pillow, her face serene in sleep.

A pretty girl. I wish I remembered her name!

With movements that were far too practiced even for his own liking, Thad slid out of bed without disturbing the redhead. All clothes except for his boots were donned quietly. Once outside the room, and the house, he would put on his boots and walk away.

As he’d done so many times before.

Of course, that had been in America. Thad had promised himself that he’d be better behaved once he moved to London. But the women all seemed to adore his handsome face and charming accent … and so, here he was again.

Tiptoeing out of what seemed to be a respectable boarding house, Thad paused to slip on his boots and get his bearings. There was Covent Garden, and Drury Lane. So, not far from Seven Dials at all.

Very well, then.