Winter Promotion

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Hi, everyone. As you know, I occasionally do sales and promotions of my eBooks. Through January 1, 2021, my eBooks are either free or heavily discounted on Smashwords. Sales links and prices:

Seen Through the Phantom’s Eyes Series

In The Eye of The Beholder – 99 cents; Through the Opera Glass – Free; In The Eye of The Storm – 99 cents; Seen Through the Phantom’s Eyes Omnibus – $2.99

Pocketful of Stories Series – All Free

Last Stop: Storyville; Yellowjack and the Riverman; A Light Across the Lake; Down on the Corner of Love; Two Days in June; Flowers of Europe; It Happened in Memphis; Hard-Boiled Blues

Full Length Fiction

Bayou Fire – 99 cents

Short Fiction

Around the World in 80 Pages – Free; The Rock Star in the Mirror (Or, How David Bowie Ruined My Life) – Free; His Beloved Infidel – Free; Brief Interludes – Free; Clytie’s Caller – Free

Non-fiction and Essays

Les Pensées Dangereuses – Free; Sui Generis – Free; 2010 Hindsight: A Year of Personal Growth In Spite of Myself – Free; Some Brief Advice for Indie Authors – Free; Hugs and Hisses (benefits Humane Society Silicon Valley) – $1.99; Music, Mayhem, and Bad Decisions – $1.49

If you enjoy my work; I would appreciate reviews wherever you prefer to leave them. Thank you!

Sample Saturday: “Bayou Fire”

smartmockups_khewgcr0Hi, everyone. This week’s sample is from my multi-award winning historical paranormal, Bayou Fire. Enjoy!

Evangeline heard the murmurs at her coming-out ball before she saw him.

“Alcide Devereaux is here,” Juliette Dubois squealed as she went by on her way to the punch bowl. Her blonde hair was tied up in an Apollo knot, and she wore a green-sprigged ballgown with sheer lace idiot sleeves. Juliette was always at the height of New Orleans fashion. “He’s sure to be the catch of the Season now.”

Evangeline wanted to be unsurprised by the news; Antoine, Alexandre, and their father Edouard had all succumbed to yellow fever that summer. Alcide had been away from the Quarter for almost ten years, coming back to help his mother and claim his inheritance. And, of course, Marie Laveau had hinted broadly at Alcide’s attendance. Still, she couldn’t wait to see the man on whom her childhood hopes had set. She wondered whether she would even recognize him.

Evangeline and her father led out the reel, and she found herself watching the crowd. Luckily, she knew the steps so well that no one noticed her attention was elsewhere. It was one of the skills she’d learned in Paris that stood her in good stead.

There he was, leaning against a wall and watching the dancers. Alcide was still taller than just about every other man in the room, but now he was lean, his skin bronzed by the sun. His hair was slicked straight back with macassar oil; none of those silly curls over his ears that the other men sported. He also had a thin, closely trimmed black mustache but no beard. For those things alone he would have stood out from the other men, but there was also an air of fearlessness about him that none of the others possessed. Gone was the soft, coddled planter’s son. Evangeline had heard that he’d been at sea or some such before reading the law up in Illinois among the American Yankees. It seemed impossible, but the man was even more handsome than the boy she remembered. His sharp profile and steady gaze put her in mind of a hawk watching for likely prey.

Want your own copy of Bayou Fire? Here are the back cover copy and purchase links.

Diana Corbett’s childhood was plagued by unceasing dreams of smoke and flames. The nightmares went away, until the noted travel writer’s first night on assignment in Louisiana … when they returned with a vengeance. Could the handsome Cajun, Amos Boudreaux, be the key to unlocking the secret of BAYOU FIRE?

Award-winning author Sharon E. Cathcart presents her first full-length historical paranormal tale, set against the backdrops of modern-day and 1830s New Orleans.

Abebooks; Alibris; Angus & Robertson (Australia); Amazon (click through on this link to be taken to the page for your country); Apple Books; Barnes & Noble; Better World Books; Blackwell’s (UK); Bokus (Sweden); BOL (Belgium & Netherlands); Book Depository; Bookshop; Booktopia (Australia); Chapters Indigo (Canada); Exclusive Books (South Africa); FNAC (France); Kobobooks (available for 2400 SuperPoints if you are part of the program); La Feltrinelli (Italy); Livraria Cultura (Brazil); Mondadori (Italy); Porrua (Mexico); Rakuten Japan; Scribd; Smashwords.

To Julia S.

Hi, everyone. I had a very nice note from a blog reader but, unfortunately, there appears to have been a typo in the e-mail address and I got a bounce notice when I wrote back. Julia, if you’re reading, I’m delighted to help you with your question.

Here’s the note I received:

I have been on a research bender to find a way to properly learn Kouri-Vini French Creole. My grandmother (still living) does not speak the language and my great grandfather was too old to teach me before his passing. I read your article and am reaching out to ask you how you went about learning the language ? I am not a Louisiana resident but of course have family roots there and would love to learn the language and pass it down to my children. Hopefully I’ve contacted the correct person and you are the writer of the article I just read. 
Thank you dearly ! 

My reply:

Hi, Julia! Thank you so much for asking; you have indeed reached the right person. I used Memrise, as well as a course I purchased via The latter had an option to purchase flash cards as well. I found it very useful in my research for Bayou Fire when listening to interviews and music. I haven’t had a chance to speak it in about four years now; the last time was with a Haitian waiter in Florida. Some of the idiom was different, but we were able to understand one another.

I sincerely hope that this helps. Thank you again for writing!

Another Diploma!

After creating two characters who are travel writers (Diana Corbett in Bayou Fire and Stephanie Marlowe in my current work-in-progress, Pompeii Fire), I decided to learn what they actually do!

Feedback Form Sent By: Eva Chelmsford

Course Title:     Travel Writing Business Diploma

Overall Grade:  Distinction

Overall Percentage:   94%

Overall strengths of assessment including understanding demonstrated:

An outstanding result, your answers were knowledgeable, explanatory and well written which outlined an overall knowledge and comprehension of the course material.  Congratulations! 

Areas for improvement if necessary in this assessment:

Not applicable.