Music Monday: Little Saint Nick

I’ve always thought this was a fun song.   The entire album is delightful, but this track is a true favorite.  Enjoy today’s Blogmas entry, “Little Saint Nick,” by the Beach Boys.


Music Monday: The Million Dollar Quartet

Photo inside Sun Studios, taken by the author, September 2017

On Dec. 4, 1956, a gathering of music greats took place in a 20′ x 30′ room at 706 Union Street, Memphis, Tennessee.  That is the address of the legendary Sun Studios.  Fifty-nine years ago today, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Elvis Presley had a jam session that engineer Jack Clement was wise enough to record.  Because Elvis was under contract to RCA, releasing any of the material would have voided his contract.  Sam Phillips, owner of Sun, promised not to release the material … and it was not released until long after Elvis’ death.


Carl and Jerry Lee were there for a recording session; Carl was recording “Matchbox,” and Jerry Lee, whose first record (“Crazy Arms”) was released three days previously, was there as a side man to earn a little extra money.  Elvis had stopped by to drop off some Christmas presents, and Johnny Cash came by to get an advance on his royalties to buy Christmas presents for his wife and daughter.  Sam Phillips shrewdly rang up a friend who worked across the street for the Memphis Press-Scimitar newspaper, and he came over to take some photos of the momentous occasion.  Johnny left not too long after that, but the other three guys jammed for quite a while.

In honor of this momentous occasion, I’ll be using my Blogmas posts for the next five days to share seasonal material from the members of the Million Dollar Quartet.  This jam session is the main event in It Happened in Memphis, so it’s likewise a tie-in to my current work-in-progress.

Please enjoy this recording of 23-year-old Carl Perkins and 21-year-old Jerry Lee Lewis, with drummer “Fluke” Holland, noodling around with “Jingle Bells” 59 years ago today.  Jerry Lee is playing the very piano you see in the photo above.



Music Monday: “I Think I Love You”

I am sure you have all seen the news that actor/singer David Cassidy, 67, is in the hospital in critical condition.  He is in a medically induced coma, and is suffering from multiple organ failure.

Here is a live performance from a few years ago, in Glasgow’s Clyde Theatre, of David Cassidy performing his hit from “The Partridge Family” TV show, “I Think I Love You.”

Music Monday: Siamese Cat Song

I’m in Southern California for meetings in my day job’s home office.  I had to fly in yesterday in order to be here in time for the start of one, so I hit Disneyland in the afternoon and early evening.

Unbeknownst to me, it was Dapper Day … and my phone battery was dead.  Therefore, I have no photos of the most clever costume:  two women dressed identically in tan skirts, white blouses, and grey cloaks with faux fur collars.  On their heads were little ivory-colored fascinators with brown plush ears, blue sequined eyes, and whiskers:  they were Si and Am.  In their honor, today’s song is Peggy Lee’s “Siamese Cat Song” from Lady and the Tramp.