Music Monday: “To Love Somebody”

Hi, everyone. It’s been a tough few days at our place. I’ve averaged about four hours of sleep a night for the past five days. We had two more cats at the veterinarian on an urgent basis, so I’ve spent $1K on vet bills in the same period (most of it for lab work). The good news is that the other two cats are okay except for some tummy trouble, which may be due to stress in the wake of us losing Paddy.

I am sure you also noticed that I primarily reblogged stories over the weekend. Honestly, I didn’t have the mental energy to do much else. I’m trying to be gentle with myself during a difficult time (and I’m not always very good at that).

So, this week’s song. As has happened so many times in the last little bit, I have found serendipitous recommendations on YouTube. Today, it was finding an “unplugged and seated” video of The BeeGees doing “To Love Somebody.” It just felt right to share the beautiful harmonies and message. Because all of that lost sleep I wrote about earlier? Was in the cause of love.


Music Monday: “All You Need is Love”

I admit, I was struggling to figure out what song to share this week. I was unwell for much of the weekend, and not looking forward to the week ahead. Then, this came across my YouTube recommendations and I knew it was the right song.

Here are Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, the late Joe Cocker, and Eric Clapton performing “All You Need is Love,” with a chorus of UK music notables, back in 2002.