Music Monday: “Eye of The Tiger”

We’re halfway through our countdown of the 10 most uplifting songs. At number 5 is “Eye of The Tiger,” by Survivor.



Music Monday: “Misirlou”

I had the privilege of seeing Dick Dale perform a couple of years ago. Even at age 79, and seriously ill, he played younger guitarists into the ground.

Dale, born Richard Monsour, had a style that was absolutely unique. A left-handed player, he never restrung the guitar. The result was a pounding sound that was unmistakable. I once got into an argument with a boyfriend at Disneyland, because I said with absolute certainty that the guitarist on the Space Mountain soundtrack at the time was Dick Dale, and he said that I couldn’t possibly know that.  For what it’s worth, I was right.

Anyway, I have written before about the importance of valuing the treasured architects of rock and roll music far more than some people seem to. Dick Dale was one of them.

He lost his battle with cancer over the weekend.

RIP, and may you always surf the wedge.