Music Monday: “Before the Next Teardrop Falls”

Hi, everyone. I thought I’d take you all back to the world of Bayou Fire this week. Lee Benoit‘s music was in heavy rotation while I wrote the book, and his band was the one I had in mind during the scene in which Amos and Diana are dancing at Mulate’s. Enjoy!

Music Monday: “Sweet Home Alabama”

Hi, everyone. Today’s song takes me back to Edinburgh, Scotland, during our honeymoon. We were in Deacon Brodie’s Tavern, on the Royal Mile, and what I thought was some obscure Elvis recording was playing in the background. It was during this song that I went “Wait a minute …” and pushed through to ask the bartender who was playing.

The answer was James “The King” Brown … and we were directed to a music shop on Cockburn Street to find his CDs.

Enjoy this Elvis-esque cover by a Dublin postal worker. I think it’s splendid.