FREE Ways to Support Your Favorite Indie Authors

Lots of great suggestions here; please feel free to apply them to my work, and that of any other indie authors whose work you enjoy.

Also, you should check out Ms. Ysrayl’s historical fiction!

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Buying books written by Independent Authors is a terrific way to show support, and word of mouth is still a powerful way to make sure other people know of an author’s work without spending money. There are tons of ways to do this online.

Review the book on Amazon – Amazon is still a powerhouse and trusted source of content for readers. It’s easy to send a review via email, DM, or to post about the book on Social Media. While I am confident, the writer will appreciate any form of support, reviewing a book on Amazon will undoubtedly give the author more exposure. Amazon is the third-largest search engine with Google first and YouTube second. But then, “if we exclude YouTube as part of Google, Amazon is technically the second largest search engine in the world.” (E-Commerce SEO). Suffice it to say Amazon reviews are a great way to support…

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What’s so funny? Giving your characters a historical sense of humour – The History Quill

At the start of the early modern era, aristocratic individuals could be expected to openly laugh at similar things to everyone else, including practical jokes and slapstick. For example, the popular clown Dick Tarleton, famous for his hunch-back, cross-eyes, and flat nose, was also a favourite of Queen Elizabeth I’s.

Towards the end of the seventeenth century, however, the upper classes were desperately disassociating themselves from the earthy humour of the lower classes. No longer will your aspirational lady-in-waiting titter at bawdy jokes – not in public, at least.

What’s so funny? Giving your characters a historical sense of humour – The History Quill

Memphis Tom Update

544afbae-b43f-4b55-ad0d-f9254d7e5c14Hi, everyone. I’m delighted to report that Memphis Tom came home from the veterinary hospital yesterday. He has several medications to take in the short term and will be on special diet for the rest of his life — but he’s still with us.

He was rather aggressively glad to be home around 2 AM, and woke me up for cuddles. So, I didn’t get a lot of sleep.

The final bill turned out to be quite a bit less than anticipated. The GoFundMe is still open at this link for a while longer, with a reduced goal. Thank you for the prayers, shares, and donations to date.

A Plea for Help

Hi, everyone. As you all know, my husband and I manage a feral cat colony. We successfully adopted two of them ourselves (and have found homes for several others). One of the cats we brought in is my beloved Memphis Tom the Atom Bomb.

Tommy is in the hospital right now. The estimate for his care is a little more than $5,000, and I had to pay a $4,900 deposit tonight. If you can help at all, even if it’s just to say a prayer and pass the GoFundMe on to others you know, that would be wonderful.

You can find the campaign, which includes a copy of the estimate, at this link.

Thank you for anything you are able to do.