Sample Saturday: “Bayou Fire” … and a Bonus Track

M&M frt Verson 1As most of you know, I love music across just about every genre.  Many of my stories incorporate music elements, either directly or by reference.  Please enjoy today’s sample, from Bayou Fire, and the accompanying track.  It’s the song Amos sings in the wee hours of the morning, Van Morrison’s “Tupelo Honey.”

Diana woke to the sound of quiet guitar playing, and Amos singing an old Van Morrison song about a girl as sweet as tupelo honey. She got up and grabbed Amos’ discarded tuxedo shirt from the night before, slipping it on and buttoning it up. Then, she went into the living room to watch and listen. Amos was wearing jeans, playing with his eyes closed as he sat on the floor. His voice was soulful and rich with emotion. When he finished the song, he was a little surprised to see Diana there.

Remembering the June Rebellion

On this day, in 1832, the students of Paris’ Sorbonne University led an uprising. They were protesting against inequality that saw the poor starving to death and the rich getting richer. The June Rebellion lasted only two days; many of the students were killed by the military. In fact, we would probably know nothing about it had author Victor Hugo not been accidentally caught behind one of the students’ barricades.

My tales in Thirty Days Later, “Two Days in June, Parts I and II,” are about this event.

This performance is a reminder that we are all, no matter our country of origin, the people whose voices matter and must be heard.

It Was 50 Years Ago Today …

Today is the 50th anniversary of one of the most influential albums of all time:  Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, by The Beatles.  John, Paul, George, and Ringo did things on this album, not only in terms of music but in production, that had never been tried before — and made one of the finest works of aural art you’ll ever experience.

Everyone has his or her favorite track from the album, which is genius from start to finish (at least, from where I sit).  This one is mine.  Please enjoy Paul McCartney’s live performance of “Lovely Rita.”