Happy Birthday, Janis!

DOTCOL V2Jo came back from LA with my jeans and a ton of new records that he insisted on playing for me while we shared a pizza.

“My friend Diane painted them for you; she’s got a little boutique on Melrose and one day she’s going to be really big. She’s doing stuff for Janis and Jimi.”

Of course I knew who they were. Janis Joplin was practically a neighbor, and we saw her all the time. I loved going to her shows; she was so full of energy. Plus, I have to be honest; it was nice to hear a Southern voice besides my own now and again. — Down on the Corner of Love

A while back, I realized that all of the female singers I liked had big personalities and voices to match. Janis Joplin, who would have been 80 years old today, was definitely in possession of both.

Rest in Power, Jeff Beck …

If you read my memoir, Music, Mayhem, and Bad Decisions, or followed the By Special Request series on this blog, you know that I have had the singular pleasure of seeing Jeff Beck perform. He passed away yesterday, at age 78, after a sudden bout with bacterial meningitis.

Here’s one of my favorite performances, in which Jeff Beck and Imelda May pay tribute to recording pioneer Les Paul.