Sample Saturday: “In The Eye of The Beholder”

Hi, everyone. Today’s snippet is from my debut novel. Part of the award-winning Seen Through the Phantom’s Eyes series, In The Eye of The Beholder is available free of charge on Smashwords for the entire month of July.

iteotb“You like beautiful things,” he whispered.

“Of course,” I responded in surprise. “Most people do.”

“Then how can you bear to look on me,” he responded, still whispering. As the carriage moved away, he opened the drape to let the light in and reveal his unmasked face to me.

The left side of his face, his entire mouth, and jaw … all were so handsome that they would take the breath away from an angel. The right side, though, was discolored and twisted. A port wine birthmark discolored skin so thin and fragile that lumps of misshapen bone and delicate blue veins could be seen through it. His left eye was fringed with thick black lashes; the right was barely lidded and sunken in the socket, but was the same soul-filled green-gold as its twin. The right side of his nose was also damaged, the soft nare non-existent.

“Look on this monster, and tell me again how you care more for the soul than the face,” he said in a ragged voice.

Summer/Winter Promotion: Seen Through the Phantom’s Eyes Series

Hi, everyone. Starting July 1, and running until the end of the month, my award-winning Seen Through The Phantom’s Eyes series will either be free or heavily discounted on Smashwords. You can choose the format to fit your preferred eReader.

The first book in the series, In The Eye of The Beholder, will be free of charge. This is a savings of $3.99 USD.

Through the Opera Glass, a transitional book of short stories, will be 99 cents USD, a savings of $1.00. This book was the 2014 runner-up for best short fiction in the eFestival of Words Independent Book Awards.

In The Eye of The Storm, a silver medalist in the Global eBook Awards, will be $1.99 USD, a savings of $2.00.

Finally, the omnibus of all three books, Seen Through the Phantom’s Eyes, will be marked down to $2.99 USD, a savings of $3.00 compared to list price. The overall savings, compared to list price for all three books purchased separately, is $7.98 USD if you choose this option.

Thanks, as always, for having a look.

Birthday Fundraiser for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS

Hi, everyone. For my birthday this year, I’ve decided to do a fundraiser (via Facebook) for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Of course, you can donate directly if you’d prefer.

Broadway Cares provides grants to organizations all over the US to help people living with HIV and AIDS, with assistance ranging from meal delivery to help with medical bills. While it was started by and for the theatrical community, it has grown to be much more.

If you attend theatre regularly, you may be familiar with Broadway Cares’ twice-yearly Red Bucket campaign. Well, that program is on hiatus due to COVID-19, so they need our help with raising money.

Finally, every donation I make to Broadway Cares is in memory of Byron Nease. Bud, who played Raoul in the original Toronto cast of Phantom of the Opera, became a dear friend during a dark and difficult time in my life. I never found out what provoked him to reach out to me on Twitter shortly after In The Eye of The Beholder was published, but pretty soon we were talking about life, depression, and a whole lot more. Some days, there was just a thoughtful note saying I was on his mind. Bud lived with HIV for many years. He left us in 2013, and I miss him every day.

If you would like to donate to my fundraiser, click here. In the meanwhile, here’s a clip of Bud performing “All I Ask of You” with his Christine, Rebecca Caine, on a Canadian charity telethon.