Bonus Track: “Be My Baby”

Hi, everyone. I’m still on my business trip in Colorado … and, unlike what usually happens, my altitude sickness has not yet fully resolved four days in. I’m usually fine after 24 hours. I return home tomorrow, by which time I’m sure I’ll be fully acclimated, LOL.

The session for which I was on faculty was incredibly well-received, which felt good. I’ve taken a couple of meetings. I’ve attended some sessions that were informative and useful. I even knocked out a couple of paragraphs on “Rose in Bloom.”


If you’ve known me for any length of time, you know that my musical taste is best described as eclectic. When it comes to female vocalists, I’ve always loved women with big voices and bigger personalities. As such, I’ve loved Ronnie Spector for a long time. She lost her battle with an aggressive cancer earlier this week. Rest in power, dear lady.

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