Blogging from A to Z: P is for Pompei

Pompei at night, from the Piazza Bartolo Longo.

If you’ve been reading along since the beginning of the blog challenge, the title may be confusing.

“Hasn’t this whole thing been about Pompeii? And what’s with the spelling?”

Well, the modern village of Pompei (only one “i”) has grown up around the ruins I’ve been writing about. One of its most famous residents was Bartolo Longo, a former attorney who later became a Dominican monk and dedicated his life to doing good works. He was beatified in 1980.

Grilled prawns at La Vinicola, one of the restaurants we enjoyed the most during our visit.

Honestly, I fell in love with the town. We met some very kind people, and I have been worried about them during the quarantine. It’s quite apparent that the town depends on tourism; many evenings, we were the only party in a restaurant, just to name one example. Admittedly, we were there during the off season, but still. Restaurateurs gave us free starters and more; these things just showed up at our tables. The gratitude was palpable.

Anyway, it’s a lovely town filled with delightful little shops and kind people. I would love to return.

(Photos by Donna Everett, who also happens to be the author’s mom.)

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