Weekend Reads: “A Storm of Secrets”

You don’t have to be into steampunk to love Madeleine Holly-Rosing’s Boston Metaphysical Society stories; I’m living proof of that.  Madeleine writes fabulous adventures in a carefully constructed alternate history; her characters will draw you in and show her version of Boston through their eyes.  You will come to care about them, I promise; Steampunk Rat made me cry.

Here’s my review of her first Boston Metaphysical Society novel.

Boston Metaphysical Society: A Storm of SecretsBoston Metaphysical Society: A Storm of Secrets by Madeleine Holly-Rosing

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Author Madeleine Holly-Rosing takes us once again into her alternate history world to create a tale of intrigue, politics and, yes, the paranormal.

Elizabeth Hunter has just returned from her honeymoon when it comes to the attention of House Weldsmore that people from the poorer parts of Boston are disappearing. So, she uses her burgeoning mediumship gift to try to help, while her former Pinkerton husband, Samuel, uses more conventional means.

It soon becomes apparent that there is more than just disappearances of the “great unwashed” happening as House Weldsmore appears to be targeted for industrial espionage and more.

The characters in these stories are well-drawn, three-dimensional types … no one is all good or bad, so they are believable people with genuine motives for their actions. On top of that, Holly-Rosing’s alternate history is consistent and entertaining as she shows us what might have been if the USA became an actual industrial oligarchy in the days of the robber barons.

Highly recommended adventure tale.

(Disclosure: ARC provided free of charge for review.)

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Reads: “A Storm of Secrets”

    1. I’ve only been to Boston once as an adult, for a business trip … but I loved all of the historical sites I was able to squeeze in, and wish to go back. (The only other time was when I was an infant, so it doesn’t count, LOL.)

      Anyway, I think you’ll find the book entertaining … with the additional joy of understanding the geography,. 😉

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