Winter Promotion After-Action Report

Hi, everyone. First, thanks to all who selected my titles during the Smashwords promotion that ended yesterday. Here is how it all went.

No one selected any titles that were discounted at 50 or 75 percent. Many selected titles that were free of charge. In order of popularity:

With 27 selections, Clytie’s Caller was the most popular title. In second place, with seven selections apiece, came Through the Opera Glass and It Happened in Memphis. Down on the Corner of Love and Brief Interludes had six selections each. Five people chose Flowers of Europe. Two Days in June, Hard-Boiled Blues, Yellowjack and The River Man, and Last Stop: Storyville, each garnered three new readers. Finally, 2010 Hindsight, Les Pensées Dangereuses, and His Beloved Infidel were each chosen once.

While it’s obvious that a lot of people enjoy the sweet, Regency romance of Clytie’s story, it looks like the most popular works were those in the Pocketful of Stories series. Thirty-four people added those titles to their libraries.

Thanks to all who chose my titles. I would love it if you were to review them and share your thoughts on your favorite site. Much appreciated.

Winter Promotion

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Hi, everyone. As you know, I occasionally do sales and promotions of my eBooks. Through January 1, 2021, my eBooks are either free or heavily discounted on Smashwords. Sales links and prices:

Seen Through the Phantom’s Eyes Series

In The Eye of The Beholder – 99 cents; Through the Opera Glass – Free; In The Eye of The Storm – 99 cents; Seen Through the Phantom’s Eyes Omnibus – $2.99

Pocketful of Stories Series – All Free

Last Stop: Storyville; Yellowjack and the Riverman; A Light Across the Lake; Down on the Corner of Love; Two Days in June; Flowers of Europe; It Happened in Memphis; Hard-Boiled Blues

Full Length Fiction

Bayou Fire – 99 cents

Short Fiction

Around the World in 80 Pages – Free; The Rock Star in the Mirror (Or, How David Bowie Ruined My Life) – Free; His Beloved Infidel – Free; Brief Interludes – Free; Clytie’s Caller – Free

Non-fiction and Essays

Les Pensées Dangereuses – Free; Sui Generis – Free; 2010 Hindsight: A Year of Personal Growth In Spite of Myself – Free; Some Brief Advice for Indie Authors – Free; Hugs and Hisses (benefits Humane Society Silicon Valley) – $1.99; Music, Mayhem, and Bad Decisions – $1.49

If you enjoy my work; I would appreciate reviews wherever you prefer to leave them. Thank you!

Sample Saturday, a Day Late: “It Happened in Memphis”

It Happened in MemphisHi, everyone. The day just got away from me yesterday, and I didn’t get my sample posted. This snippet is from the title tale in It Happened in Memphis, the seventh entry in my Pocketful of Stories series. Enjoy this little time-slip moment!

“Whoo-ee, ain’t you a pretty thing?” One of the other men who’d been in that big photograph came over to Evie. He had wavy, peroxide-blonde hair and the most arresting amber eyes that Evie had ever seen. “What’s your name, baby doll”

“I’m Evangeline Boudreaux. I think I left my purse in here earlier. It’s turquoise and white, to go with my dress. I don’t imagine you’ve seen it?”

“I ain’t seen no pocketbook, no. But I tell you what; with a name like Evangeline Boudreaux, and that sweet accent of yours, you must be from Louisiana. Guess what? I am, too. Jerry Lee Lewis, from Ferriday. What do they call you at home, baby doll?”


“Nah, that ain’t right. That’s a little girl’s name. Reckon I’ll call you Lina. How ‘bout that?”


This can’t be happening. This has got to be a reenactment of some kind. But they couldn’t have taken those photographs down so fast.

“Elvis, Carl, I want you all to meet Lina Boudreaux. She’s from Louisiana, too.”

Everyone turned around and made polite noises of greeting. Elvis looked a little askance. “When did your date show up, Jerry?”

“Just now. See? You ain’t the only one got a pretty girl at your side.”

“You got a real pretty wife named Jane, is what I hear.” Carl took a long drink from a flask.

“I will have you to know, Mister Perkins, that me and Janie is what you’d call estranged. We are seekin’ to divorce.”

“Not the first time for you, either, is it?”

“Carl, I don’t know what kind of bug you have up your a— your backside. ‘Scuse my language, Miss Lina. But yes, it’s my second divorce. Not that it’s any of your concern.”

This was like no reenactment that Evie could have imagined. Something very strange was going on.

“So, we gonna make this-here ‘Matchbox’ record of yours or not?” Jerry Lee continued.

His question went unnoticed, as Elvis was talking about seeing a group in Las Vegas, where he’d met Marilyn, called Billy Ward’s Dominoes. As he described the singer who had covered “Don’t Be Cruel” in such an unexpected way, he started playing and singing. Carl rolled his eyes a little.

“You sit down next to me, Lina.” Jerry Lee scooted over on the bench. “Looks like we’re gonna be here for a while.”

Want your own copy of It Happened in Memphis? Here are the back cover copy and purchase links.

Evie Boudreaux has a knack for seeing history in action. Why? Because she sees ghosts. Come along on a visit to Tupelo and Memphis, and see the earliest days of rock music through Evie’s eyes! Buy It Happened in Memphis, Pocketful of Stories No. 7, today!

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