Rest in Power, Lisa Marie Presley

Elvis Presley’s only child, Lisa Marie, passed away unexpectedly yesterday at age 54. While her father makes a brief appearance in It Happened in Memphis, the plot of that book takes place years before Lisa Marie’s birth.

May her memory be a blessing for her family.

Another TikTok Video

It took me almost a week to be ready to put this together, if I’m honest. It Happened in Memphis was one of my favorite projects to research and write, and I took Jerry Lee’s passing hard.

Rest in Power, Jerry Lee …

I’ve said it many times: despite all logic to the contrary, there are some people whom you think will go on forever.

For me, Jerry Lee Lewis was one of them. I had the privilege of seeing him perform live twice. He was one of the main characters in It Happened in Memphis. I could listen to his music all day long and never tire of it.

He passed away this morning, at the age of 87.

I am just the kind of sobbing mess that I predicted I’d be when he left us.

One of my favorite quotes was from an interview Jerry Lee did with biographer Rick Bragg.

Bragg began, “Didn’t I hear that, this one time, you …”

Jerry Lee interrupted with “Yeah, I probably did.”

He is, and always will be, unforgettable.

Bonus Track: “I Was The One”

Hi, everyone. Forty-five years ago today, Elvis Aaron Presley passed away. I’ve written before about what he meant to me as a musician. He’s even shown up in one of my books, the award-winning It Happened in Memphis. Today, I want to share a live recording (not very hi-fi, but it’s from 1956, when he was only 21 years old). This video shows not only his amazing voice, but his tremendous sense of humor.

Rest in power, Elvis.