Good Morning Authors! Early this morning, Kobo launched eBooks with Walmart, the world’s largest retailer. Kobo’s CEO, Michael Tamblyn, has more details to share below: Walmart’s New Digital Book Offering is Worth Exploring As an avid book lover, I couldn’t be more excited about the new digital book options now available through Walmart eBooks by…

In my opinion, this is going to be a sea change in the eBook marketplace.  Those of my fellow authors who put all of their eggs in one basket with KDP-S may wish to reconsider after their current enrollment period ends.  Those of us who are already in wide distribution have a whole new set of potential readers.

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Hi, everyone.  This story was the first place winner in the 2018 Word Weaver competition.  You really should go read it.  It’s definitely on the creepy side, so be aware.

It is my pleasure to present to you the #1 story from the July 2018 Word Weaver Writing Contest. Adele’s tale absolutely grabbed me from the beginning, and I really enjoyed it. You will, too. Have a good time reading this story. I’ll give you my reasons for why I liked it […]

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You all know I’m an avid traveler, and that I believe putting boots on the ground in your story’s setting makes all the difference in the world.  Here’s another author’s example of how it works.

I also think traveling is one of the best ways to find stories out in the world, and meet people who might turn into characters.

You will experience sights, smells and tastes that you may never encounter at home. And traveling could change your life – as it has done for me

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Every year seven million companion animals enter animal shelters and are later euthanized. Here at Rock and Roll Saved My Soul, we want to help decrease that number. We believe every pet deserves a second chance. This anthology is a collection of stories about rescue animals, strays, and the animals that have saved us. All […]

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The advent and subsequent decline of Oyster and Entitle were two widely publicised examples. When the platform adopts a ‘threshold’ royalty model that essentially hedges a bet of limited usage, they always stand to lose with fiction titles. Indeed, this was even the case with Scribd, who nearly went bankrupt when faced with ‘super users’ who consumed romance titles at a huge rate, thus incurring prohibitive costs for the platform that were not nearly covered by subscriber fees.

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