Happy Birthday, Janis!

DOTCOL V2Jo came back from LA with my jeans and a ton of new records that he insisted on playing for me while we shared a pizza.

“My friend Diane painted them for you; she’s got a little boutique on Melrose and one day she’s going to be really big. She’s doing stuff for Janis and Jimi.”

Of course I knew who they were. Janis Joplin was practically a neighbor, and we saw her all the time. I loved going to her shows; she was so full of energy. Plus, I have to be honest; it was nice to hear a Southern voice besides my own now and again. — Down on the Corner of Love

A while back, I realized that all of the female singers I liked had big personalities and voices to match. Janis Joplin, who would have been 80 years old today, was definitely in possession of both.

Rest in Power, Lisa Marie Presley

Elvis Presley’s only child, Lisa Marie, passed away unexpectedly yesterday at age 54. While her father makes a brief appearance in It Happened in Memphis, the plot of that book takes place years before Lisa Marie’s birth.

May her memory be a blessing for her family.

Smashwords Year-End Sale, After-Action Report

Hi, everyone. Yesterday was my birthday, and I spent it at home relaxing. This is also why there’s a small delay in reporting.

I put my two most recent titles, Pocketful of Stories: The Omnibus Edition, and Rose in Bloom, on promotion free of charge during the sale. Seven people opted for the omnibus, and 11 for the romance novella. I appreciate all of those who have downloaded the books. I hope that you enjoy them, and will leave favorable reviews.

Frequently Asked Question: Goal, Unlocked?

insecure2bwriters2bsupport2bgroup2bbadgeHi, everyone. It’s the first Wednesday of the month, which means it’s time for a question from the Insecure Writers Support Group.

It’s holiday time! Are the holidays a time to catch up or fall behind on writer goals?

Well, honestly, whether my goals as a writer are met is dependent upon numerous factors. This year, it was to put the words “The End” on a manuscript, because I struggled to write during much of the pandemic. I did that, releasing my first-ever contemporary romance novella, Rose in Bloom. I also released the omnibus edition of Pocketful of Stories — both of which are now available via Smashwords as of this morning.

So, I’d say that my 2022 goals were met and exceeded, so any writing during the holidays will be a bonus.