Sample Saturday: “Clytie’s Caller”

clytieHi, everyone. This week’s sample is from my sweet Regency romance novella. Enjoy!

It was a tearful and timid Clytemnestra who arrived at the Assembly Rooms, Her eyes were wary as she found seats for Susan and herself, a little bit away from the throng and close to the door. Her parents, as well as Archie and Isabel, were part of the crowds doing their “see and be seen” circuit, walking around the room.

Only one person seemed to notice Clytie’s discomfort: a physician named Samuel Whittington. A cousin of Isabel’s, he had recently resigned his Army commission and worked with his fellow veterans of the Napoleonic Wars. He was lean and handsome, with dark hair and brown eyes, and many a young woman had set her cap for the dashing doctor.

When he saw Archie and Isabel chatting with Clytie, Samuel sought an introduction … and noticed Clytie’s tension ratchet up all the further.

“I must go,” she choked out, and ran out the door with Susan at her heels.

“You’ll have to excuse my sister,” Archie apologized. “She does not do well at routs any more.”

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Day 5 Recap, #HNS2021

Gang, I feel a little braindead just now. Not gonna lie. These 4 AM wake-ups are *hard.* One more to go, as the conference ends tomorrow.

So, yesterday I thoroughly enjoyed another session with Lisa See. We talked about The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. The book is about the Akha people … and about pu’er tea. A former boss had brought me a brick of it some time ago, and I finally broke the seal yesterday to enjoy some during the talk.

I was also able to take part in a great discussion about book covers first thing in the morning. We all learned a lot from each other.

There were some technical difficulties during two sessions, including one by K. Orme on using invisible illness in historical fiction. I’ve done that in In the Eye of The Beholder, In The Eye of The Storm, Clytie’s Caller, Bayou Fire, and more. I am looking forward to watching the recording once it’s available because I know I missed important information.

Winter Promotion After-Action Report

Hi, everyone. First, thanks to all who selected my titles during the Smashwords promotion that ended yesterday. Here is how it all went.

No one selected any titles that were discounted at 50 or 75 percent. Many selected titles that were free of charge. In order of popularity:

With 27 selections, Clytie’s Caller was the most popular title. In second place, with seven selections apiece, came Through the Opera Glass and It Happened in Memphis. Down on the Corner of Love and Brief Interludes had six selections each. Five people chose Flowers of Europe. Two Days in June, Hard-Boiled Blues, Yellowjack and The River Man, and Last Stop: Storyville, each garnered three new readers. Finally, 2010 Hindsight, Les Pensées Dangereuses, and His Beloved Infidel were each chosen once.

While it’s obvious that a lot of people enjoy the sweet, Regency romance of Clytie’s story, it looks like the most popular works were those in the Pocketful of Stories series. Thirty-four people added those titles to their libraries.

Thanks to all who chose my titles. I would love it if you were to review them and share your thoughts on your favorite site. Much appreciated.

Winter Promotion

sale with red shopping bags, vector background

Hi, everyone. As you know, I occasionally do sales and promotions of my eBooks. Through January 1, 2021, my eBooks are either free or heavily discounted on Smashwords. Sales links and prices:

Seen Through the Phantom’s Eyes Series

In The Eye of The Beholder – 99 cents; Through the Opera Glass – Free; In The Eye of The Storm – 99 cents; Seen Through the Phantom’s Eyes Omnibus – $2.99

Pocketful of Stories Series – All Free

Last Stop: Storyville; Yellowjack and the Riverman; A Light Across the Lake; Down on the Corner of Love; Two Days in June; Flowers of Europe; It Happened in Memphis; Hard-Boiled Blues

Full Length Fiction

Bayou Fire – 99 cents

Short Fiction

Around the World in 80 Pages – Free; The Rock Star in the Mirror (Or, How David Bowie Ruined My Life) – Free; His Beloved Infidel – Free; Brief Interludes – Free; Clytie’s Caller – Free

Non-fiction and Essays

Les Pensées Dangereuses – Free; Sui Generis – Free; 2010 Hindsight: A Year of Personal Growth In Spite of Myself – Free; Some Brief Advice for Indie Authors – Free; Hugs and Hisses (benefits Humane Society Silicon Valley) – $1.99; Music, Mayhem, and Bad Decisions – $1.49

If you enjoy my work; I would appreciate reviews wherever you prefer to leave them. Thank you!

Sample Saturday: “Clytie’s Caller”

Clyties_CallerHello, everyone. This week’s snippet is from my sweet Regency romance novella, Clytie’s Caller. Enjoy!

Bath, England

“Clytemnestra, you need to come out of that room. You cannot keep hiding like this.”

From the other side of the locked bedroom door came the tearful reply: “You don’t understand, Mama. I can’t.”

Mrs. Anne Preston threw her hands up in melodramatic disgust.

“Archimedes,” she sighed, “see if you can talk some sense into your sister.” She walked way, muttering to herself about ungrateful daughters.

“Clytie,” Archie pleaded, “Please. Half of Bath is going to be at the Assembly Rooms. You need to show yourself.”

“I can’t, Archie.”

“Can you have Susan unlock the door so that I might come in?”

A long pause. “All right.”

Once the tumblers turned, Archie let himself in. His sister was curled up in a ball on the pale green Aubusson carpet. He knelt beside her, his highly polished boots creaking.

“Don’t make me, Archie. Please don’t make me.”

Clytie was clearly terrified … and still in her night gown.

“I can’t get dressed,” she sobbed. “My clothes and shoes hurt all over. I can’t go among people.”

“But why, Clytie? You used to love Almack’s and the Assembly Rooms.”

What Archie said was true. Clytie had been very popular for two seasons, although no one suitor declared for her. And then something had changed.

First, she stopped going to Almack’s, although her voucher was still good. And then she stopped going riding in the park. Eventually, her world shrank to her bedroom, whether in Town or at Bath.

Archie’s fiancée, Isabel Browning, was beginning to express concerns about marrying into the family; Clytie’s reclusiveness carried hints of madness.

PrintWant to find out what happens next in Clytie’s Caller? Here are the back cover copy and purchase links.

Amazon (Geo-targeted link will take you to the site for your country); Apple BooksAudibleBarnes & Noble; BOL (Belgium & Netherlands); Booktopia (Australia); Chapters Indigo (Canada); Fnac (France); Gandhi (Mexico);  iTunes AudiobookKobobooks (also available for 2400 SuperPoints); La Feltrinelli (Italy); Livraria Cultura (Brazil); Mondadori (Italy); Porrua (Mexico); Rakuten JapanScribdSmashwordsWalmart.