Another Loss

NSPL_LogoI lost a beloved acquaintance to suicide yesterday. I wish I had known her both longer and better; she was a true light in the world. She leaves behind a husband, a cat, and a host of grieving friends.

If you are considering taking your own life, please take a moment to call this hotline. Believe me, there are people who care. You are important to this world.

Rest in Power, Paddy Moloney

Paddy Moloney, founder of The Chieftains, has passed away at the age of 83. Some of my fondest memories include whole groups of us going to see The Chieftains over the years, or singing along to their music in the car or at someone’s home. Here is one of my favorites from their catalog. Thank you for the music, Paddy.

Review – Sex and Sexuality in Ancient Rome – L J Trafford

I need to add this book to my research for “Pompeii Fire”!

Library of Erana

Review – Sex and Sexuality in Ancient Rome

L J Trafford

5 Stars

The Romans are often remembered for their alleged debauchery, orgies and wild-living emperors – Tiberius Nero, Egalabus, Caligula – but 2000 years or so later, with different moral codes (largely influenced by the staid Christians) what do we know of the intimate lives of the Romans?

Trafford takes us on a journey – covering topics such as what made a ‘good’ Roman male and female? Why were there so many phallus icons?! What did the emperors and empresses (and their mothers) get up to? How did the Romans view homosexuality, virginity and adultery? How was sex linked to religion?

The tone is light-hearted, but that doesn’t detract from the research which has been done. Trafford looks at the sexuality of women – which many scholars do not cover – there is far less evidence for what women…

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