A Facelift for Some Older Works


Hi, everyone. I mentioned yesterday that I was redesigning some previous covers. Here they are! I’m super-excited about the new look for some old friends.

I’ve done the same for the entire Pocketful of Stories series, and will be sharing those soon as well.

New Cover for “Some Brief Advice for Indie Authors”

Brief Advice - NEW

Hi, everyone. I’ve been so pleased with how the cover for Flowers of Europe turned out that I’ve decided to re-design the covers for some older works. Here’s the new look for Some Brief Advice for Indie Authors. As always, this book is available via your favorite eBook seller. I’ll be sharing new covers for other titles over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

The Top 11 Books Americans Tried To Ban Last Year

Hundreds of individuals in the U.S. issue challenges to their local schools or libraries every year, attempting to get certain books banned. The typical reasoning is that the book in question highlights or endorses a value that the challenger doesn’t hold, and doesn’t want their child exposed to.

As a result, the running list of the top most challenged book titles in the U.S. — operated by the American Library Association’s Office of Intellectual Freedom — offers a unique window into the state of the union: Any hot-button topics that parents are the most up in arms about will be revealed through the books that they found most offensive.

Every year, I am astonished by this list. It always feels like the people censoring the books are afraid that kids will learn about reality. 😦

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11 of the Funniest Quotes about Books – Interesting Literature

Below is our pick of these pithy quotations: the funniest and truest quotations about books we’ve found. All of them are sourced, with a bit of context for each, since many of these quotations appear elsewhere online but without any information about their origins, or even whether they’re genuine. And as Abraham Lincoln never said, ‘The problem with internet quotes is that you can’t always depend on their accuracy.’

A truly splendid gathering of quotations may be found in the linked article.

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