Phantom of the Opera Challenge – Day 20

Opinion of the 2004 Movie

2327594I saw it for the first time 13 years ago today.  I enjoyed it on first watch, but something happened to me the second time I watched it; I really focused on the emotions at hand, and found myself unable to speak to people on more than a perfunctory level for about three days.  I was processing a great many things internally that came up in the film.

Graphic (one of my Livejournal icons) reads “It is possible to like the movie and the stage show.  it doesn’t make you a crazy.”  That sums my feelings up very well.


Phantom of the Opera Challenge – Day 19

Ramin Karimloo as the Phantom, 25th Anniversary Concert

Have you seen the 25th anniversary concert?  If so, what was your opinion?

My husband and I went on a double date  to the original simulcast, and I don’t even know how many times I’ve watched the DVD or seen the production on PBS.

Frankly, I loved it.  This was the proverbial all-star cast, from the beginning with Earl Carpenter as the auctioneer to the encores featuring original cast members Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman, among many others.

Here is a snippet from the encore, with Ramin Karimloo, Anthony Warlow, John Owen-Jones, Colm Wilkinson, and Peter Jöbeck.