Weekend Reads: “Entangled Threads”

Entangled Threads (A Victorian San Francisco Mystery Book 8)Entangled Threads by M. Louisa Locke
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Annie Dawson always seems to find a mystery; this time, she’s been hired to audit the finances of Potrero Woolen Mills. Her former maid, Biddy, has also taken a job there; Biddy left her job at the department store under circumstances she prefers to keep secret. Biddy’s cousin Meghan works at the mill, so Biddy hopes to find work there as well.

And then, there’s a fire in the new knitting department, where Meghan is seriously injured. Soon, Annie’s looking into that along with the finances.

As always, M. Louisa Locke gives us an outstanding look into the lives of 19th C. San Franciscan women across the economic spectrum, from the servants to the wealthy. While the focus is on the lower and middle class, we also get to see the wealthy through the eyes of those who wait upon them. Combine the sociological information with a fair play puzzle, and you’re in for a real delight.

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