Sample Saturday, “Rose in Bloom”

Hi, everyone. Today’s snippet is from my brand new friends-to-lovers contemporary romance novella, Rose in Bloom. The book is already nominated for a 2023 Global eBook Award. Enjoy this little peek into Rose’s psyche.

Rose in BloomOne of the things I’d loved most about Aunt Susan when I was a kid was how lively and colorful she was. Her blonde hair was long and curly, her make-up and jewelry were bold, and she wore bright, flowing clothes.

I wanted to be just like her. I loved the kind of costume jewelry that my mother, Julia, called “gaudy.” I made scarves into skirts that I wore over my little jeans and t-shirts until Mom took them away when I was about six years old.

“You need to be practical, Rose,” she’d said, tucking a lock of her brown, bobbed hair behind one ear. She wore pearl button earrings, a plain gold wedding band, a polo shirt and khaki pants. It was pretty much her uniform.

“You’re six years old,” she continued. “You need to stop playing pretend. You need to get serious. My sister is no role model. Your father and I have discussed the matter, and there will be no arguments.”

I didn’t understand why my mother was so upset, but I wanted to make her happy. So, I pushed the things that made me smile to the back of my mental closet.

Want your own copy of Rose in Bloom? Follow the universal purchase link below.

Rose Davis always prided herself on being sensible. But when she loses her job, she takes an uncharacteristic leap of faith and agrees to spend six months living in Wisteria Cottage, just outside of the tiny village of Shalbourne, England. It will give her the chance to fulfill her secret dream of writing a book, and an opportunity to figure out next steps.

What she doesn’t reckon with is Welsh gardener Gareth Llewellyn. With his long hair and scruffy beard, he’s definitely not Rose’s type. And yet, there’s something about him …

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