Weekend Reads: “Haunted Destiny”

I went into the Wayback Machine for today’s review, as I wanted to share something fun and spooky during the run-up to Halloween. Enjoy!

Haunted Destiny (Krewe of Hunters, #18)Haunted Destiny by Heather Graham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The latest Krewe of Hunters story brings the unit back to New Orleans, where they began. This time, they’re tracking a serial killer — and agents Jackson Crow and Jude McCoy think they’re following him onto a cruise ship, the Destiny. They’re right — but not in the way they think.

Enter piano bar entertainer Alexi Cromwell, who can see and talk to the Destiny’s many ghosts. Alexi and Jude are immediately attracted to each other, and they both have things to learn that only the other can teach them. However, as the serial killer’s modus operandi is explored, it soon becomes apparent that Alexi is a target.

This book was an entertaining summer read, with the right combination of romance and paranormal to make it fun. I enjoy this series quite a lot and highly recommend the tales. They can stand alone as individual stories, but getting to know the characters over the course of the series is fun, too.

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