Sample Saturday: “Rose in Bloom”

Rose in BloomHi, everyone. Today’s snippet is from my forthcoming friends-to-lovers contemporary romance novella, Rose in Bloom. Enjoy!

“Uncle Gareth, Miss Rose sure is nice.” Timothy was playing on his iPad in the back seat of the Rover.

“Mmm. That she is.” Gareth kept his eyes on the road back to Berwyn, but his mind was on what Katherine Tremaine had told him about Rose Davis before she’d moved into Wisteria Cottage: a successful business woman who, if her aunt Susan was to be believed, hid her depression under a facade of hard-edged perfection and control. A woman who felt that polish and practicality were the answer to all problems. He’d presumed she’d be dour, possibly even matronly, with a pinched mouth.

I couldn’t have been more off-base if I tried.

“And she’s pretty. I like her red hair.”

“I think, technically, it’s auburn.”

Dark, rich auburn. That looks like silk. I’d love to run my fingers through it.

Want your own copy of Rose in Bloom? You can pre-order it via your favorite retailer by clicking here. Release date is Nov. 1, 2022.


Rose Davis always prided herself on being sensible. But when she loses her job, she takes an uncharacteristic leap of faith and agrees to spend six months living in Wisteria Cottage, just outside of the tiny village of Shalbourne, England. It will give her the chance to fulfill her secret dream of writing a book, and an opportunity to figure out next steps.

What she doesn’t reckon with is Welsh gardener Gareth Llewellyn. With his long hair and scruffy beard, he’s definitely not Rose’s type. And yet, there’s something about him …


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