Meeting One of My Literary Heroes

Photo by Robin Somers

Hi, friends. I had the great honor to sit down with one of my literary heroes, Bruce Holsinger, yesterday. Bruce is the kind of author I aspire to be, capable of putting readers right into the action and keeping us involved on every page. The Sisters in Crime Coastal Cruisers chapter hosted Bruce for a discussion about his work. We all learned a great deal, and had a good time to boot. Here’s my review of his brand-new book.

The DisplacementsThe Displacements by Bruce Holsinger
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Part environmental thriller, part coming-of-age, and all wildly entertaining, “The Displacements” could have been ripped from today’s headlines.

When the first-ever Cat 6 hurricane destroys Coral Gables, Daphne and her kids are sent to a refugee camp. They’d been well-to-do, but suddenly Daphne discovers that her husband, Brantley, has left her penniless. She has to figure out how to get by, and how to keep her kids safe. But Gavin’s got a secret, Oliver just wants to play, and Mia wants friends … all difficult things to deal with in a camp filled with thousands of people, most less privileged than the Hall family. There are a lot of growing pains along the way.

Rain Holton, the refugee camp’s manager, has some growing pains of her own throughout the story. She learns more about herself and her adult daughter than she’s quite ready to handle.

This book is difficult to classify, and also hard to review without delivering spoilers. Suffice it to say that it’s an amazing read. Highly recommended.

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