Weekend Reads: “Murder By Misrule”

Murder by Misrule (Francis Bacon Mystery #1)Murder by Misrule by Anna Castle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5/5 stars

The late Anna Castle knew her way around a historical mystery. This is the first of her Tudor-era books that I have read.

Francis Bacon agrees to tutor four students at the Gray’s Inn law school after their own tutor is murdered … and soon the five are not only involved in investigating the matter, but are also in the murderer’s sights themselves.

There’s an additional subplot about Bacon trying to be received at court again, and currying favor with his uncle William Cecil, but it’s not the most important subplot. That belongs to student Tom and portrait painter Clara, the latter of whom hails from Brussels. We not only see a great deal about women’s roles during the period but also about geographical and religious prejudice as this part of the story unfolds.

As for the mystery, it’s a fair play puzzle with numerous twists, turns, and more red herrings than a London fishmonger’s. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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