Weekend Reads: “This is Not a Book About Benedict Cumberbatch”

This Is Not a Book about Benedict Cumberbatch: The Joy of Loving Something--Anything--Like Your Life Depends on ItThis Is Not a Book about Benedict Cumberbatch: The Joy of Loving Something–Anything–Like Your Life Depends on It by Tabitha Carvan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Author Tabitha Carvan is a young, married mom when she finds herself crushing on Benedict Cumberbatch. The crush is unexpected, to say the least, and Carvan decides to figure out what it might mean.

Through interviews with other Cumberbatch fans, as well as her own introspection, Carvan reaches an interesting conclusion (with which I happen to agree). Unlike men, whose enthusiasms for any number of things (primarily sport-oriented, though) are not only socially acceptable but lauded, women’s enthusiasms are discouraged as we’re told not to be childish. So, the things that women loved and enjoyed unabashedly, the way kids enjoy things, become secrets that we are told to be ashamed of. Especially if we’re married and have crushes on actors (Carvan is asked repeatedly what her husband thinks of her crush on Cumberbatch, just as I am about what my husband thinks of my crush on Ramin Karimloo. Answer: both men are fine with it).

Anyway, the book is an interesting look about how women, particularly those of us in mid-life, might be searching for meaning/feeling after feeling squelched a bit by the world around us. Definitelyworth the read.

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