A great look at another author’s creative process. It’s always fun for me to see how we intersect *and* differ in this regard.

All about historical fiction

Karen Chase was one of the authors who participated with me and others in a Christmas book giveaway. She’s an independent author and a Daughter of the American Revolution with the Commonwealth Chapter in Virginia. Her first novel, Carrying Independence, book one of the 3-part Founding-Documents Series, is historical fiction about the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Karen is also the author of Bonjour 40 – A Paris Travel Log and Mary Angela’s Kitchen and a branding professional—developing platform tools for authors.

I’m delighted to have her on the blog today.

Author Karen A. Chase

The Revolutionary Historical Fiction Elements ~~~ by Karen A. Chase

I write historical fiction and let me be frank. Until I read M.K. Tod’s fabulous article on the 7 Elements of Historical Fiction(HF), I had no clue there were seven elements HF authors must consider. By luck or by chance (whew), I’m…

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