R.I.P. Meat Loaf

I was in the music business in the dark recesses of time, and one of my bands opened for Meatloaf when he played in a San Francisco night spot. Rest in power.


Well, that inappropriately hilarious headline had to happen sometime, and if it sounds like Hazel burnt the dinner, the fault lies with the high school football coach of Dallas native Marvin Lee Aday (b. 1947), who gave him that nickname. (He was born “Marvin” though he later changed it legally to “Michael”. I guess he found “Marvin” embarrassing, though that reservation surely didn’t deter him from employing a professional name even more calculated to draw ridicule, as of course it did. Especially among the older generation back in the ’70s).

I didn’t spend hours listening to Meat Loaf records, although I liked his singles and loved his image. My main interest in him lies in the fact that he lived in the nexus between rock and theatre/film. Most of the eulogies today seem to be dwelling on his recording career, which is natural, but my focus will be a little…

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