Who by Fire

Interesting use of family history as a starting point for a historical novel. Check it out!

All about historical fiction

Shira Dest and I came into contact through a particular post here on A Writer of History. And I’m delighted to welcome her to the blog to talk about her work in progress. Shira’s published historical fiction is a serial short story called Ann & Anna (this is a link to the first part), which was posted on her blog. She is a published academic, community organizer, and an advocate for building strong public domain social infrastructure.


Thank you, Mary, for inviting me to write this guest post.  I’m currently coming back to working on my novel after a pause to work on a rather different project.    When I picked up the thread of Isaias, the novel’s protagonist, I found that the arc I’d been outlining for him wasn’t working.  To my surprise, readers were far more interested in a short story series I’d begun: Ann and Anna, set twelve years…

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