Happy Birthday, Jerry Lee — Free eBook to Celebrate!

Jerry Lee Lewis is 86 years young today. Here’s a snippet from It Happened in Memphis, a bonus track, and a coupon code to get a free copy of the eBook. Enjoy!

It Happened in MemphisEvie went down the stairs that she’d taken just moments before. The studio looked totally different. There were no photos on the walls, no X marks on the floor … just a group of people milling around. Evie shook her head in confusion.

Over at the piano, a man with dark blond hair sat on the bench with three others gathered around. A long-legged, dark-haired woman in a woolen suit with a pencil skirt sat on the back of the spinet while a man took their photograph.

After the photographer left, one of the men left as well, everyone calling out “So long, Johnny” or something similar as he walked out the door. The man who’d been at the piano helped the young woman down from the back of it and went over to chat with a bunch of friends who’d evidently come with him.

“Whoo-ee, ain’t you a pretty thing?” One of the other men who’d been in that big photograph came over to Evie. He had wavy, peroxide-blonde hair and the most arresting amber eyes that Evie had ever seen. “What’s your name, baby doll”

“I’m Evangeline Boudreaux. I think I left my purse in here earlier. It’s turquoise and white, to go with my dress. I don’t imagine you’ve seen it?”

“I ain’t seen no pocketbook, no. But I tell you what; with a name like Evangeline Boudreaux, and that sweet accent of yours, you must be from Louisiana. Guess what? I am, too. Jerry Lee Lewis, from Ferriday. What do they call you at home, baby doll?”


“Nah, that ain’t right. That’s a little girl’s name. Reckon I’ll call you Lina. How ‘bout that?”

You can get your own copy of It Happened in Memphis by clicking here. Enter coupon code MN39K to get it free of charge through Oct. 31, 2021.

Back cover copy: Evie Boudreaux has a knack for seeing history in action. Why? Because she sees ghosts. Come along on a visit to Tupelo and Memphis, and see the earliest days of rock music through Evie’s eyes! Buy “It Happened in Memphis,” Pocketful of Stories No. 7, today!


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