State of the Author: Frayed Around the Edges

We had a little too much excitement at our house Thursday night. I was just about ready for bed when our housemate yelled out for me to call 911. My husband had two syncopal incidents (he passed out) and was having symptoms similar to those of a stroke. He has a family history of cardiac problems, to boot.

So, 911 was called, EMTs and ambulance came, and took my husband to the ER; by that time he was entirely lucid. Our housemate drove me over to the hospital and came back later to pick me up. Jeff was kept overnight for observations, during which time an EKG, ECG, and CT scan were performed. They also did a ton of blood work. They were able to rule out a heart attack. He still had chest discomfort/soreness, but they aren’t sure why. Doctor said it could be gastritis, or an ulcer … and that he needs to follow up with his primary care doc. He was discharged yesterday afternoon.

Both of us, though it wasn’t worked up because he was entirely lucid, think he may have had a transient ischemic attack, which is like a mini-stroke. This is pretty much how they work, as it happens. Symptoms come on, then they go away within a relatively short period of time.

Lifestyle changes are recommended in the case of any of these diagnoses … and they are all pretty much the same ones. So, that’s what’s going on here.

In the additional good news department, there’s an exhibit of artifacts from Pompeii at a museum in our area. We’ve had tickets for a while, and the doc said there are no restrictions on physical activity … so we’re still going today.

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