Precious Kittens Available for Adoption

131285024_10220043135377426_6464418113523009967_nAs many of you know, my husband and I look after a colony of community cats. One of the biggest challenges during the pandemic is that the “feral fix” trap/neuter/return projects were shut down. So, many community cats had kittens. One of them was Penelope, a tiny tortoiseshell in our colony. She had a litter last summer, all three of whom were adopted by a friend. She had a second litter in April and, as with the last batch, because she had them in our yard, we were able to socialize them from day one.

Well, those kittens are now eight weeks old, and are available for adoption from San Jose Animal Care & Services. I am not going to lie; there were a lot of tears.

131341647_10220043133297374_2737409650803215012_nI became especially attached to the smallest kitten, Tigger, and vice versa. Tigger is aptly named; he is bold and bouncy and, despite his tiny size, was the ringleader. At the same time, he is gentle and affectionate. He was the first to figure out every new skill and show his sisters how to do it.

I cried as I put every kitten into the crate to transport them, but I bawled my eyes out over Tigger — even as I knew that it was the right thing to do. We have five indoor cats, two of whom are seniors with health issues. On top of that, I’ll be starting back to the office at least a couple of days a week, and it would be unfair to both the precious, playful baby and the staid adults to put them through that.

As of today, the kittens are available for adoption. Orange polydactyl girl Tammy Twelve-Toes, torbie girl Tibbs, torbie girl Teddi-Anne, and orange boy Tigger may be just right for you or someone you know.

(Photo of Penelope and the four kittens, and Tigger with his “arm” around Tibbs by Jeff Cathcart.)

2 thoughts on “Precious Kittens Available for Adoption

  1. Oh man. My heart goes out to you and the kittens alike. If I weren‘t living an ocean away and didn’t already have two adorable but very territorial toms, I‘d be over there like a shot. Good luck to the furbabies, one and all!

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    1. So sorry for the delay in response; this went to my spam folder! Tigger andTammy were adopted right away, and Tibbs and Teddi-Anne are at a no-kill rescue that pulled them from the city shelter. They will be there until the right family comes along.


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