Sample Saturday, A Day Late: “Yellowjack and the River Man”

Hi, everyone. Things have been a tiny bit off-schedule at my house, but we’re slowly getting back to our idea of normal. That’s why my sample is late this week. It’s from the title tale in Yellowjack and the River Man, the second book in my Pocketful of Stories series. Enjoy!

Yellowjack V2Marie Laveau had passed so many houses with yellow tags on the door that she no longer paid them any mind. The writing was irrelevant; she couldn’t read. Besides, the color of the card told her everything she needed to know; someone inside was dying of yellow fever.

Still, seeing a card on the Devereaux house drew her up short. There wasn’t a person of color in the Quarter who didn’t know about Michie Alcide’s work on their behalf. In fact, there were no small number who had gone North with his help, some with forged free papers or new identities that allowed them to pass.

Marie was one of the few who knew what they called the steamboat pilot turned lawyer on the Underground Railroad: River Man.

Marie knew the latch would be open; eventually, undertakers had to get the bodies out of fever houses. So, she wasn’t shy about opening the door. She’d gone to the house many times to fix Madame Evangeline’s hair before the poor woman passed, and knew her way around.

Both the men’s and the women’s side of the house were empty, so she went out to the courtyard. The stove in the cookhouse was still warm, although the fire was almost out. There was a stack of good wood to stoke it, should the need arise, but there was no one in the yard.

A low moan issued from another little outbuilding; Marie didn’t hesitate to walk in.

Might have known there’d be a garçonniere. Works good as a plague house, too.

She pushed the mosquito barre aside, and didn’t even bat an eye. Neither Alcide’s near-nudity nor the stench of the sickroom were a deterrent.

“Michie Alcide, it’s me, Mam’zelle Marie. I imagine you don’t know me right now, but you will.”

Want your own copy of Yellowjack and the River Man? Here are the back cover copy and buying links.

Yellow fever. Voodoo queen Marie Laveau. A long-lost relative’s homecoming. The Underground Railroad.

All of them are part of Alcide Devereaux’s (Bayou Fire) continuing story. See what adventures come his way in Yellowjack and the River Man.

The second in award-winning author Sharon E. Cathcart’s Pocketful of Stories, this edition contains a sample chapter from Bayou Fire, the book that started Alcide’s tale.

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