Sad News From Home

When I wrote about my dad’s passing, one of the stories I told was how he gave away the bride when one of his Black students married a white woman. I was seven years old when they got married, just a few years after Loving v. Virginia. Joe and Christine are some of my most beloved family-of-the-heart.

The granddaughter of that couple, Danae Williams, was murdered in Portland last week. Joe and Chris basically raised her. She was a kind, beautiful young woman going to nursing school. She’d never been in trouble; neither had her boyfriend (the unnamed man in the article).

My heart is breaking for my friends today. Joe says he has to be strong for everyone right now. I am at a loss for what to do or say beyond giving my love. I’m pretty sure I’m not done shedding tears.

Rest in power, beautiful Danae.

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