Mission of Love as a Shelter Volunteer #guestpost #animalrescue #books – Ronel the Mythmaker

My goal in writing the book was two-fold: to show how rigorous the training was that we underwent as animal behavior volunteers, and to tell the stories of some of the cats with whom I worked. My work in the Behavior Department involved socializing cats to prepare them for new lives, and some of those cats were aggressive. We had to take course work, as well as practicums, in animal behavior and then do a certain number of hours with the easier cats before we graduated to the more challenging ones. All of this information served me well later, when physical health problems necessitated me moving to the kitten nursery and, during the pandemic, to focusing on the trap/neuter/return (TNR) project for my neighborhood.

I planned for the book to cover my first year at the shelter, but I was dissatisfied with the first draft and put it aside. As noted above, Teddy’s untimely passing caused me to pull the book out again and look at it with new eyes. This time, I liked what I saw. Because I planned to donate all proceeds from the book to Humane Society Silicon Valley, I had to obtain final approval from them before publishing. Then-President Carol Novello gave her enthusiastic blessing, and we were off to the proverbial races.

Mission of Love as a Shelter Volunteer #guestpost #animalrescue #books – Ronel the Mythmaker

Ronel the Mythmaker has hosted me at her blog today. Please click through for the full article, and give her blog some love. Thanks!

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