Music Monday: “Coat of Many Colors”

When I was eight years old, I was in a car accident. My grandmother was driving, and we hit black ice. Next, we skidded into telephone pole. My grandmother and brother were in the front seats and belted in; the back seat, where I was, had no seat belts (yes, friends, it’s true … back in the day not all cars had seat belts). My grandmother had some broken ribs and needed stitches in one knee and her forehead. She was in the hospital for a few days. My brother had a broken leg and was in the hospital overnight.

Having been thrown from the back to the front of the car, I had the worst injuries. My lower jaw was completely shattered and had to be reconstructed. My femur was broken in a place that would eventually necessitate a body cast. I spent 22 days in the hospital, much of it in traction. I don’t remember how long I was in the body cast, nor how long my jaws were wired together.

When I did get to come home, I had a tutor a couple of times a week for school work (I was several weeks ahead of my third grade class when I went back). My parents worked, and my grandmother lived with us. I wasn’t alone in the house, but it was no fun being stuck in bed drinking meals. I had a little transistor radio that I could listen to, and I’m sure we went through a lot of batteries for it.

I mentioned early on in this series that I liked country-western songs that told a story. This was one of the ones that came on that little radio pretty often. Enjoy this impromptu performance of “Coat of Many Colors” by Dolly Parton!

4 thoughts on “Music Monday: “Coat of Many Colors”

    1. Actually, I do! The car accident triggered a thoracic outlet compression (similar to carpal tunnel, except in my shoulder); my entire left arm was numb for many years, but I would have excruciating shooting pain and muscle spasms from time to time.. Twenty years after the accident, I had decompression surgery — which is pretty radical, as it involves removal of muscles. I still have some neuromuscular damage because of how long it was before I had surgery. The docs my parents took me to said I was just “doing it for attention” and that they should ignore it. 😦


      1. I know what that is. A number of major league baseball pictures get that and have decompression surgery. It usually takes them a full year to get back to where the can just play catch.


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