Romance Author Job Description #AmWriting #WritingRomance – Lucy Mitchell

About You:
You will have been a fan of all things romantic since high school.
You will have had your own heart-broken, split, fractured and mended countless times, at home and abroad and be able to draw upon this experience.
You will have encountered in your own love life an array of romantic dirt bags, flirts, perverts, sirens, goddesses, dream boats, studs, stallions, geeks, randoms, sexy weirdos, smouldering strangers, hot food delivery people, heroic car mechanics and teenage crushes. Again, you will be able to draw upon these experiences.
You will be able to cry with your heartbroken characters and rejoice when they find love towards the end of your draft novel.
You will possess a strong desire to reach out to other romantic souls on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
You will love a bit of life drama.
You will have a good working relationship with a brand of tissues.
Your life motto will be, ‘everyone likes a bit of romance.’
You will be willing to act out a few romantic scenes with your uninterested loved one in the kitchen, whilst they are busy making breakfast and not feeling in the slightest bit romantic.
You will be an expert on coming up with different ways to describe lips kissing.

Romance Author Job Description #AmWriting #WritingRomance – Lucy Mitchell

This is a super-cute article and well worth checking out for the smile it’ll put on your face.

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