Weekend Reads: “The Unusual Second Life of Thomas Weaver”

The Unusual Second Life of Thomas Weaver (Middle Falls Time Travel, #1)The Unusual Second Life of Thomas Weaver by Shawn Inmon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Thomas Weaver is a failure. He’s 54 years old, divorced, an alcoholic, and has just been fired from the worst job he’s ever had. On top of it all, he lives with his elderly mother. He’s plagued by guilt from a car accident that took the life of his older brother when they were in high school.

So, one night he decides he can’t take it anymore. He pens a suicide note, swallows a fistful of pills … and wakes up inside his 16-year-old body. He knows things he didn’t know then, of course, and goes about trying to do things differently so that he can set things right.

Of course, few things go to plan … but he’s still got that second chance.

Author Shawn Inmon has created a fictional Oregon town, Middle Falls, that reminds me of the one in which I grew up. The jocks are the most important people in high school, and it’s socially acceptable to pick on the weird girl. The characters are believable … even in an unbelievable situation.

I finished this book in a single day; I literally did not want to put it down. There are several more books in this series, and I plan to read all of them. Highly recommended.

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