Click through to read a fascinating article about female gladiators. While they don’t feature in my own WIP, “Pompeii Fire,” you will learn a lot about ancient Romans viewed women and gladiators both!

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The main character in my upcoming Roman murder mystery series is a female gladiator, or at least, she was one. People are often surprised by this and ask, “Did they really have female gladiators?” The simple answer, is yes, but things are not always entirely simple.

The term most often used to describe a female gladiator is agladiatrix(pluralgladiatrices). However, this term is a modern invention. An inscription from Ostia, dating to the second century, commemorates a magistrates provision of gladiatores mulieres, women of the sword. This seems to be the best contemporary tem for them, although other ancient writers use a much more vague term, describing them asludia(female performers in aludi, a festival or entertainment).

Like their male counterparts, female gladiators fought each other, or wild animals, to entertain audiences at variousgames and festivals. Very little is known about them…

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