State of the Author: Befogged

Hi, everyone. It’s been kind of a crazy week for me. I’ve had some of my worst brain fog since my diagnosis of Hashimoto’s disease (which, coincidentally, was seven years ago this week).

For example, you all know I usually post “Weekend Reads” on Friday, right? Well, I had it in my head that yesterday was the day … and so I made my post. Not the end of the world, obviously. But still.

Earlier today, I did a load of laundry that I didn’t remember to hang up (this was line-dry only stuff) until several hours later.

And then, it kind of hit me. Today is the second anniversary of my dad’s passing. I wrote about that here. I think I was just trying not to think about so many things that, well, I just stopped.

Nothing has happened that either can’t be or hasn’t already been resolved. But I surely have not been myself all week … and it shows.

One thought on “State of the Author: Befogged

  1. It’s also the extended lockdown. When it started time was very flexible. The clocks eventually caught up with time. But, lately…. Musical Miss and I got into a great debate today. She thought today is the day for my first vaccination. Is today Saturday? That’s when I go. Sheesh. You’re no foggier than all thee rest of us.

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