Frequently Asked Question: With a Little Help From My Friends

Today’s question comes, once again, from the Insecure Writer’s Support Group:

Blogging is often more than just sharing stories. It’s often the start of special friendships and relationships. Have you made any friends through the blogosphere?

It may help to know that WordPress is not my first rodeo as a blogger. I was on Livejournal in the early 2000s (I have a paid, permanent account), but I was part of the exodus after the Russian company bought it out and laid down some heavy censorship. I also had an author blog over at GoodReads starting in 2009; this blog is now sent there via RSS.

So, when you consider that I’ve been part of the blogosphere for 20+ years, it makes sense that I have indeed made friends this way. Back when we were still traveling, we would meet up when one of us was in town (whoever’s town it was) and have dinner and/or drinks. It’s been wonderful getting to know the folks who were, at first, just pixels on the screen.

What doesn’t make sense is asking a closed question (i.e., yes or no) as a writing prompt.

6 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Question: With a Little Help From My Friends

    1. Thank you for amplifying the reason for the prompt. I suspect that people would talk more about friendships and what they mean if this had also been explained at the time, but I’m not the person who runs this challenge … I’m just someone who is puzzled by the number of closed-question prompts I’ve seen over the past few years. Thanks for stopping by today.


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