Sample Saturday: “In The Eye of The Storm”

iteotsHi, everyone. Today’s sample is from my award-winning second novel, In The Eye of The Storm. In this book, we see the second and third generations of the Le Maître family, whom I introduced in In The Eye of The Beholder. The restaurant mentioned here, Sam Wo’s, was a real establishment in San Francisco. It closed after 100  years in business. Enjoy!

October 1948
San Francisco, California

Clarice waited quietly in Sam Wo’s restaurant; her friends would be joining her any time now, just as they did the first Saturday of every month, for lunch.

When Clarice first sought permission to join some of the other senior class girls at their luncheon club, Daddy quizzed her extensively. Yet, it was her mother whose expression softened when Clarice mentioned the name of the funny little restaurant where the girls met.

“Let her go,” Mommy had said. “It’s a safe place.”

So, once a month Clarice joined a few friends to dine in the restaurant. It was in a tall, narrow building on Washington Avenue; the food was delivered to the upper stories of the restaurant by dumbwaiter.

Clarice was pouring herself another cup of hot jasmine tea when she noticed an older Chinese man watching her from a corner table. She’d seen him in the restaurant many times, so she smiled. She was unsurprised when he smiled back but when he came over to the table just moments later, Clarice was not sure what to say.

He was taller than she’d thought, and nicely dressed. He studied her for a moment before speaking; his English was unaccented.

“You have your mother’s eyes, but your face is just like your grandmother’s.” His eyes were sad, despite the smile he wore.

“Do you know my family?” Clarice was a little surprised.

“Ask Veronique,” he said quietly. Then, he turned around and walked out of the restaurant just as Clarice’s friends came in. If any of the lively girls noticed Clarice’s distraction as they ate their egg foo yung and chop suey, they failed to remark on it.

Want your own copy of In The Eye of The Storm? Here are the back cover copy and purchase links.

San Francisco, 1948

When a mysterious stranger approaches Clarice Kaye in her favorite restaurant, his words trigger a voyage of discovery: “You look just like your grandmother, but you have your mother’s eyes.”

There was only one question in Clarice’s mind: how could he know?

Armed with family diaries that tell of the scandalous grandmother for whom she was named, Clarice embarks on a journey through Paris’ modern art movement, 1906 San Francisco, and the depths of the Opéra Garnier in this long-awaited sequel to In The Eye of The Beholder.

In The Eye of The Storm is the 2015 Silver Medal Winner for Best Fan Fiction in the Global eBook Awards.

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