Frequently Asked Question: It’s The Time of the Season

Hi, everyone. It’s the first Wednesday of the month, so it’s time for our question from the Insecure Writers Support Group.

Here is this month’s question:

Are there months or times of the year that you are more productive with your writing than other months, and why?

In short, no. Living with autoimmune disease, having a full-time job, doing research; all of these impact my ability to write. Throw in the stress of COVID-19, and I’m just not producing on the level I would like.

And you know what? That’s fine. Every word we get down on paper (or the screen, but you know what I mean) is one we didn’t have before. Be gentle with yourself, friends. There are no rules.

4 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Question: It’s The Time of the Season

  1. Hi Sharon! We write whenever we can, right? I love your “rule” of no rules and being gentle with ourselves. Writers, especially, put a lot of pressure on themselves. It has to remain fun and there are an incredible amount of distractions (called “life”) ALL THE TIME! Happy writing when the mood strikes and time is available and happy holidays!

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