Weekend Reads: “I’m Not Dead … Yet”

I'm Not Dead... Yet!I’m Not Dead… Yet! by Robby Benson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Film and stage star, director, musician … and author. Robby Benson seems like a real Renaissance man, and possibly an indestructible one at that (he always did his own stunts)

Yet, this latter descriptor is far from the truth; Benson has undergone for open heart surgeries. The intended audience for this medical memoir is his fellow patients, to help them understand what to expect, and to share his experiences both good and bad.

True confession time: I had a photo of Benson, carefully clipped from Tiger Beat magazine, taped up in my locker when I was in junior high. He’s definitely more than just a pretty face, though; Benson’s narrative is intelligent, thoughtful, and carefully crafted.

Benson’s authorial voice is much like his regular, conversational tone; I could hear the narrative in his actual voice and inflection. What makes this eBook special, in addition to the personal anecdotes and photographs, is its interior design. Benson links to websites, music, and meditation videos made with his own photography and compositions. This is one of the most elaborate eBooks I’ve ever experienced; it was a true multimedia work of art.

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