Weekend Reads: “More Miracle Than Bird”

More Miracle Than BirdMore Miracle Than Bird by Alice Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Georgiana Hyde-Lees was a poet in her own right, and the much younger wife of William Butler Yeats. This book is a fictionalized look at Georgie’s history.

Not only do we see Georgie struggling against a mother who wants to see her married at all costs, but we get a look at a young woman coming to grips with her own spirituality. Following Yeats’ lead, she becomes involved with both the Reformed Order of the Golden Dawn as well as various mediums … and is disillusioned by all of them.

In a further effort to find meaning, she takes work as a nursing sister at a veteran’s hospital and develops a tenuous friendship with one of the patients — this latter being strictly forbidden.

Ultimately, we see her struggling between her feelings for Pike and Yeats … and the lengths she goes to please both of them.

The book was interesting, peopled with historical characters as well as invented ones, and recommended for fans of the genre.

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