Sample Saturday: “A Light Across the Lake”

Hi, everyone. This week’s sample is from a set of short stories, originally published in Twelve Hours Later, set in my Seen Through the Phantom’s Eyes series universe. Enjoy!

A Light Across the Lake V2A bell chimed in the distance; the signal had not rung its alert in a long time. Erik LeMaître kissed Claire one more time – would he ever feel sated where her lips were concerned? – and got out of bed.

“What is it?” Claire murmured as she sat up, pulling the coverlet over herself. She wore nothing but the sapphire necklace.

“There’s something outside, and I don’t think it’s that sturgeon.” Her lover drew on his trousers and slipped a mask over his face.

Claire reached for Erik’s discarded shirt and pulled it over her head. She got out of bed and followed him out of his underground home and into the cavernous cellar.

“God in heaven!” she exclaimed as Erik turned an unconscious body over on the walkway. “It’s Lucien Dubois, the steward from the Grand Foyer.”

“Yes, and also one of the set shop apprentices.” Erik peered into the distance, seeing a speck of light. “The idiot swam here! I’ll take the gondola to bring back his lantern before a rat upsets it and burns the whole place to the ground.”

Want your own copy of A Light Across the Lake? Here are the back cover copy and purchase links.

Return to Paris’ glamorous Opera Garnier, and the world of the award-winning Seen Through the Phantom’s Eyes series! A Light Across the Lake is the tale of apprentice set builder Lucien Dubois, who is determined to see what lies in the fifth cellar. Will his exploration raise the ire of the infamous Opera Ghost?

This edition of Pocketful of Stories contains a sample chapter from In The Eye of The Beholder, the Phantom tale that started it all.

Click through on the link to your favorite retailer to get your copy today:

Amazon (geo-targeted link will take you to the site for your country); Apple Books; Barnes & Noble; BOL (Netherlands and Belgium); Booktopia (Australia); Chapters Indigo (Canada); FNAC (France); Gandhi (Mexico); Kobobooks (available for 2400 SuperPoints if you are a member); La Feltrinelli (Italy); Livraria Cultura (Brazil); Mondadori (Italy); Overdrive (via your local library); Porrua (Mexico); Rakuten Japan; Scribd; Smashwords.

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