Reorganizing My Space


Hi, everyone. Like so many these days, our household is taking advantage of the shelter-in-place to reorganize. For the past week, the target was my office. To be honest, it’s been a disaster for a long time.

The first steps were to take everything off of the surfaces and the floor and move them out (whether in boxes or into the trash … as we did some of that on the fly). Then, everything was mopped down and washed. At long last, I moved my day job office materials from the dining room table to one work surface, and my personal set-up to the other. What you see above is the net result. Details of each set-up follow. While it’s a work-in-progress, I can at least now function properly … and have a deliberate separation between the day job and my own time.

This is my “day job” set-up. Note that I still have some fun, personal items to keep it interesting.
This is the author side of the house. I’m still working on getting things exactly as I want them, but I can function now without feeling cramped.

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