Sample Saturday: Hard-Boiled Blues

Today’s sample is from “The Axe Man Cometh,” one of the tales in Hard-Boiled Blues. Enjoy!

I don’t know why y’all adults are always trying to scare the hell out of little kids.

With my Irish Granny O’Halloran, it was always the bainsidh, who would come and get you in the outhouse if you were naughty. With my Cajun Granny Broussard, it was always the rougarou who would get you and take you out to the swamp if you misbehaved or back-sassed your elders.

I think I was ten years old when I stopped to think about how stupid this was.

Wait. We don’t even have an outhouse; we’ve got indoor plumbing. And if some alligator-headed man shows up to take me to the swamp, well, I reckon I’d better go … and use my daddy’s camera to take pictures if I can. That Ripley fellow might talk about it on the radio if I can prove it’s true, and I might make a little money for the family. I’m sure those “Believe It Or Not” fellows would love a picture of the rougarou.

Plus, I grew up in the Quarter. We have neighbors who swear they remember Marie Laveau and the yellow snake she called Le Grand Zombi, even though she died fifty years ago. Every other house around here is haunted, including ours if my grannies are to be believed, and I’ve never seen or heard a thing.

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Two dead bodies.

Two policemen, one in New Orleans and one in Memphis.

Not all crimes have easy solutions in the Jim Crow South.

It’s enough to make you sing the blues.

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2 thoughts on “Sample Saturday: Hard-Boiled Blues

  1. The Axeman? I owned a house in which he attacked two people. I know this because a DEA agent knocked on my door. I asked him what he wanted and that I didn’t have any damn drugs. He laughed. He just wanted me to know the he was for real. He was doing the finishing touches of a book on the axeman. He gave me all of his research including copies of newspapers from the period.


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