I had the great pleasure of donating books to this project four years ago. It was amazing how the Just One Book project grew. Thank you, Margaret Garcia, for all that you did to make it happen.

Throwing Chanclas

Four years ago this summer, I spent countless hours inside a school library room that had previously hardly had any books and nothing up to date. I wrote a blog post titled Just. One. Book. Neil Gaiman retweeted it. Fellow writers in Binders on FB shared it and well–we went from maybe a hundred “books” to over 20,000 contemporary and new copies of classics in a summer. Our local post office saw more business than it had in years. People in the community came out to help open boxes and send as many notes back of thanks that we could. (Sorry if in the shuffle we didn’t get to you). The generosity and kindness of strangers sending us books blew us away. We had book clubs!

It was indeed overwhelming.

But it was also a great spark. In a dark time it reminded me and so many others here that…

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