State of the Author: Hanging On By My (Colorful) Fingernails

I wrote this on FB earlier today:

Acknowledgment and accountability moment: I have reached the point where I must admit I’m in depression. I recognize that it is situational. As we approach four months in shelter-in-place, I miss the presence of colleagues in the office. I have not been able to keep up my walking program between my now-healed injury and the heat wave, although I hope to do a little today. And please don’t get me started on all of the police brutality incidents.

I am having a hard time focusing on things, and it takes longer to accomplish things. I haven’t written a word in a couple of weeks that isn’t a planned blog post.

Thank you for reading; I sometimes find that if I tell my story, it helps others better understand when I am not quite up to snuff.

I am trying to find happiness where I can, taking courses and what not.

Oh, and yeah … those really are my fingernails. I have three gal-pals who sell Color Street nail strips, and I sometimes think that my weekly polish change is my last stab at sanity these days.

6 thoughts on “State of the Author: Hanging On By My (Colorful) Fingernails

  1. First of all, Sharon, love the nails! Second of all, know that I haven’t written a word either, neither have I (ever) scheduled a blog post. The most I’ve done in the past month is re-blog an old post with a new preamble. I so admire your prolific writing and your regular posts.
    This a crazy time, and I think we must be gentle with ourselves. But finding ways to maintain our equanimity is important, and so is creating new daily rhythms that work for us.
    Take care, be well, and keep in touch. We’re all in this together, albeit being affected differently depending on a slew of different factors.

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  2. I’m sorry to hear that you’re struggling with depression. The 2020 crazy certainly can’t be helping 😞. Sending hopes and prayers that your struggle eases! (The nails really are fabulous, for what it’s worth! )


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